International Independence

A high priority will be placed upon the positioning and stature of Australia globally as an independent Nation.

This will take the form of ensuring Australia’s commercial, military, and financial structures are robustly independent of other Nations, and can withstand the vagaries of the world commodity markets without loss of operational functionality.

One point of focus will be ensuring Australia can become and remain independent of foreign lending and investment. The EAP believe that Australia has a unique ability to remain wholly self-contained and self-sufficient from International support should the need arise.

A major focus upon the construction and production capabilities for equipping our armed services will be a large part of this developing independence.

A redevelopment of all manufacturing industries will be undertaken within Australia to ensure that we are not dependent upon international sources for raw, refined, and manufactured materials that may be required.

Australia will retain the right as a sovereign independent Nation to not recognise or conform to any International treaties, articles, pacts, or strictures that are not in the best interests of the Australian people, or our Nation as a whole. This includes directives from the United Nations or other Nations.

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