The Equal Australia Party in media

For any fledgeling party all publicity is a good thing!

Please let us know if you see or hear the EAP in publication online, in print, or on the airwaves.

All exposure helps us to get the word out and promote our visionary ideas for truly advancing Australia for every citizen’s benefit!


Our main communication interface with the world is via Facebook, or by email.

We can be found at or via email on our Contact Us page on this website.

TOTT NewS  (Turn Off The Telly)

The TOTT News has produced an article regarding their best ‘Independent parties to get behind in 2019’, and have included the EAP as one of the 6 they have selected based upon policy and direction.

An introduction to our party is available, and a short version of our policies are displayed. You can read the article on this link –  CLICK HERE

Please have a look at the TOTT News website and their Facebook page at: … and by doing so help to support TOTT News.

You can also view other stories and features from this new independent news platform – they are one that is born of the growing awareness of the corporate buyout and skewing of real news – and fight to remain fiercely unbiased!

The AIM Network

The Australian Independent Media Network has written up an introduction to our party, and has included a short version of our ‘About Us’ information.

Please have a look at what is said and the responses by viewers of the AIM Network … and help support the AIM Network by viewing other stories and features contained on this non-partisan reporting medium – they are truly one of the few that exist !

independent australia

Independent Australia has kindly written up an introduction to the EAP and circulated it to their many readers.

We received a large number of views (over 2000), and in the 3 days following this, we received our largest jump in member registrations to date.

As is always expected we had a number of very negative comments from people who in most cases misunderstood some of our policy positions, but the overwhelming majority of responses have been at least supportive or more so very positive.

Our thanks go out to Independent Australia and it’s editors for their support.

You can see their article and the comments at:,7205

We at EAP will aid them to the best of our ability in support of their efforts to provide an informed, unbiased news source.

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