Who we are

Who we are …

Our members and leaders are everyday people who want the best for Australia and its citizens, and we are people who are willing to stand up and demand that we are all heard and heeded.

We are people who are willing to put Australia and its citizens first and foremost – people who are passionate about our great land, and about making the best of its natural assets and advantages for the benefit of ourselves and for our future generations – not for corporations or quick transient profits.

We don’t just represent you – we ARE you!   We are Australians!

Our founder is Alan Howell, a 56 year old married Melbourne father of 2 who has worked in both the public and private sectors as well as having been a self employed Tradesman and Retail Business owner.

He plays sport having represented Victoria, has earned a few ATP points playing tennis, reads, and loves his family AND his country.

He began the Equal Australia Party after many years of watching the standards of leadership shown by our politicians sliding steadily downwards, and seeing the decay of trust that these falling standards have brought.

Having experienced first hand the changes brought forth by privatisiation of public assets, and experienced the loss caused by massive global market fluctuations, he determined to try to give this country and his fellow Australians the means to take back the control that our current political process takes away from us more and more each day.

More and more everyday Australians are registering with the Equal Australia Party as members to help get this party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and ready to run at future Federal Elections … how about you?

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