Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

Banking ReformDefenceDevelopment BankEducation
Electoral ReformFinancial SecurityGovernmental ReformHealth
Honesty In MediaHorticulture & AgricultureHuman RightsICAC
ImmigrationInternational IndependenceLand OwnershipLaw Reform
Media OwnershipNational StatusPopulation GrowthReligious Freedom
Renewable EnergyTax ReformTechnologyYouth


Equal Australia Party believes that we are a young, vibrant nation – rich in resources both natural and human – growing in stature internationally through Science, Business, the Arts, and Sport.

We are a small country by population, but a large country by geography, yet we find ourselves fortunate in the opportunity to be able to make significant changes in all aspects of our lives through our national policies, and to demonstrate to the world just what is possible when a nation unites as one to create a better future for all.

None of this will be possible in our lifetime without a concerted effort by all Australians to move forward and grow, to contribute and develop, and to work hard and achieve.

We believe our policies are aimed to manufacture the best possible outcomes for all Australians now, and to ensure a growing, healthy, and progressive land for our children and our children’s children – for ALL future generations.

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