Welcome to the Equal Australia Party.

We are a community of people who want more for Australia and for our children – for a real FUTURE.

The Equal Australia Party stands for one thing – AUSTRALIA !

For its citizens, its sovereign lands, its environment, its fauna, and its flora.

To advance our nation’s interests in all fields of endeavour, and to provide all Australians the opportunities and benefits commensurate with living in a world-leading economy.

We intend to achieve this through adopting worlds best practices and where required – by developing our own.

Read through our wide range of policies and see our plans for this.

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Who We Are ...

What We Represent ...

Where We Are Heading ...

To register the Equal Australia Party with the Australian Electoral Commission we require 500 confirmed members. 

If you like what you see, and feel we are a party with policies that you would support, then please take the time to register with us.

Please give us the chance to make a positive difference … for all of us !

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We are always ready to respond to any questions about us, and ensure a clear understanding of the EAP and its goals.

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