Horticulture & Agriculture

Our abundant and fertile lands – with proper engineering, development, and management – offer us the ability to become a prime global supplier of foodstuffs desperately needed in developing nations, and to provide for a growing World population.

We propose the undertaking of large scale development programs (similar to the Bradfield Scheme) of remote and rural regions deemed suitable to this goal.

Opportunities exist for an extensive synergy between our refugee and immigration policies, and also our Land Use policies in this and similar areas.

Assessment and development of improved farming techniques and the utilisation of organic soil engineering advancements are also to be considered.

EAP supports the banning of the live animal trade, combined with the promotion and development of onshore processing methods and facilities that meet all ethical and environmental requirements.

This is to be developed alongside an expanded National and International food transport infrastructure.

We intend to introduce new laws into the process of farming animals for food production to ensure the humane treatment of animals, and the provision of support to farmers who undertake this vital service to the general population.

This support will include emergency assistance during natural disasters to minimise or eliminate stock losses and financial hardships.

We will institute National laws that will outlaw ‘puppy’ farms, and will prosecute those involved in the creation and operation of them, or those that profit from their operation.

Likewise, we will strengthen the current laws on dog fighting, and ensure those involved in the practice are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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