The EAP believes that Government-funded health care for every individual – from infancy through to old age – should be an entitlement due to all Australian citizens.

To achieve this aim we propose a national alignment of ongoing expenditure for the funding and maintenance of a world-class health system nationwide.

This includes the introduction of a National wage structure for all nursing, medical, emergency, and associated professions.

Testing and assessment of medical marijuana will be fast-tracked and pending results will be approved for usage in appropriate medical scenarios.

EAP is committed to achieving a national consensus on the subject of euthanasia, and the specific situations that exist where a person may be considering this option. The matter would be listed onto the National Register of Issues for inclusion as an e-Referendum.

Mandatory vaccinations are a highly contentious issue within society today, and are likewise high on our agenda. Extensive evaluation will be based on verifiiable, honest, and factual information only, and this will be published freely to all and assessed to form part of this decision making process. The matter will be listed for an e-Referendum once the full facts are known to all, and will enable us to reach an informed, accurate, and agreed decision that will be implemented nationally.

Expanded services and accommodation sites for young adults with disabilities will be funded to remove them from the Aged Care Nursing Home system and to provide them with the appropriate levels of care required within an age appropriate environment.

Improvements in the Aged Care structure will be investigated based upon current Worlds Best Practices and introduced into the system as quickly as possible once due diligence is fully completed. To deal with our aging population and the challenges this will present us with as a society, significant and extensive development in the Aged Care sector will be undertaken.

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