Financial Security

The security of a Nations currency and cash reserves is of the utmost importance.

In these times of financial upheaval in International finance markets, gold has always been considered a truly stable and reliable commodity – a universally accepted currency.

The EAP support the repatriation of Australian gold bullion holdings from storage in foreign banks, and the retention of further gold production to regain a minimum level of at least pre 1997 holdings – an amount equal to approximately 20% of our yearly Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

To achieve this goal we support the restriction of gold production and subsequent export of all bullion products by foreign-owned companies to be reduced to a maximum of 25% of total production until the desired level of holdings is achieved.

Once achieved a maximum of 50% of all forms of bullion produced by foreign-owned companies may be exported.

The off-shore distribution of other precious metals and stones will also be reviewed.

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