What we intend to achieve in the following areas :

  • Electoral Reform – to make politics and voting a modern and simple process

  • Governmental Reform – to restore confidence in the honesty and transparency of government – to streamline and clarify the process of governing this country effectively and economically

  • Health – to ensure the best possible universal health coverage is available to all citizens as a basic right, including achieving consensus on euthanasia and the use of medical marijuana

  • Tax Reform – to ensure ALL Australian citizens and companies share and benefit equally in the generation and utilisation of the tax revenues raised that are required to effectively operate our economy and social structures

  • Education – to provide a world standard education system fully subsidised and supported by all Australians

  • Human Rights – to support the basic rights and freedoms to which all people worldwide are entitled … to life and liberty, to freedom of thought and expression, and to equality before the law

  • National Status – to recognise our native peoples fully within the law and constitution, and to promote the establishment of an Australian Constitutional Democracy while maintaining all links to our heritage

  • Land Ownership – to protect and preserve our native lands, to acknowledge traditional interconnectivity with the land, and to ensure the best usage to the benefit of all Australian citizens

  • Law Reform – to introduce stronger laws specifically relating to crime against the most vulnerable, to evaluate the raising the legal age of consumption of tobacco and alcohol, and to achieving consensus on marijuana use

  • Renewable Energy – to actively support and promote the development, growth, and realisation of alternative energy generation systems, to invest in the development of wholly solar-powered electrical vehicle technology and production

  • Horticulture & Agriculture – to invest in the development of our land usage and farming techniques to promote large-scale production for overseas distribution, and to stop the overseas live animal trade while developing onshore processing capabilities

  • Immigration – to develop a more thorough control of the immigration process and best use the assimilation of successful immigrants into Australia and its way of life to the benefit of all

  • Technology – we support an FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) solution as being more cost-effective and for longevity. EAP will introduce the rollout of this upgrade nationally

  • Population Growth – EAP is in favour of a controlled, low level of population growth to ensure the maintenance of our current way of life and to allow for the steady development of our infrastructure to support future growth

  • Youth – we will place a focus upon the upskilling of those unable to continue into further education or into existing work structures through community training schemes. Additional services and facilities will be developed for Young Adults currently in the Aged Care system

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