Politics, political factions, and the political process were introduced into human society more than four thousand years ago.

It is a process that has allowed centuries of both great and terrible steps forward in the development of human society, and has served us well … until now.

Progressively our society has advanced to the stars, as has our technology … yet the two have not progressed in unison.

Modern politics has increasingly degenerated into name calling and popularity contests that rely on misinformation and partial truths to sway voters who are subsequently given biased coverage and editorials designed to best benefit the respective organisations reporting on them.

Add to this the trough mentality shown by the majority of participants directly involved in the political system when it comes to pay, benefits, and entitlements, and it becomes clear why we as a nation are becoming disillusioned with them all – and the current political process in general.


Through exposure to information, education, and opportunity, our society has advanced and grown in many ways, to the point where virtually every person in Australia has the access and opportunity to develop and refine opinions on virtually any subject … and it is this exposure that leads us to the next great logical progression in politics … virtual voting with real-time response.

Pertinent questions, necessary debates, and important decisions that face this country as a whole can be discussed and evaluated with a truly national input … and may be decided upon with an equally national consensus.

We propose initiating a ‘National Register of Issues’ that all Australian citizens can contribute to, with the two highest rating issues being addressed through a tri-annual online referendum process (to be referred to as ‘e-Referendums’).

Over the next two generations virtually all people in Australia will become a fully online integrated society, and will be thoroughly educated in utilising the internet and electronic communications to perform most administrative and financial tasks. To this end, our first action will be to initiate and roll out access to a secure electronic method of registration, therefore a secure and anonymous pathway for each and every individual adult to contribute to and participate in the decision making processes that will shape our great country, and guide its progress into and beyond the 21st century.

Perhaps our greatest single challenge to decide upon is whether we persist with the current political model and simply continue to repeat this process for years to come, or do we decide to modernise and streamline the existing Federal, State, and Local political structure utilised within this and virtually every other country worldwide.

Discussion on the development, refinement, and eventual structure of the future political and administrative operations that will be needed to best manage this nation is imperative.


Australia is seen internationally as a single entity – a united, unified people under one flag – not as isolated colonies as it originated over two centuries ago, and not as individual states each self-governing themselves under the umbrella of Federation, but as a greater whole.

To truly progress into the future we believe that this perception of Australia needs to be instituted and made fact in law … to become the single unified nation of Australia … with equal rights and standardised laws for every citizen throughout Australia.

Our earliest policies will be in line with our name and our beliefs … every life has an equal value, every child has the right to an equal and thorough education, every person has an equal right to live safely and securely, and likewise – every Australian has an equal and fair obligation.

From the beginnings of advanced society there has been the Monarchy in all its different forms, and this led to the establishment of order and growth … then later it was seen and recognised that the future growth and development of mankind needed more, and this led to the birth of the current Governmental structure.

The adoption and integration of that system has allowed each country and its people to grow and develop and progress exponentially … but like the Monarchy a progression to governmental rule was needed, identified, and adopted … and it is this juncture again that mankind reaches on both a national and international scale.

Others may champion the current system … the need to maintain the status quo – to retain this countries position within the world we live in – and that is their valid opinion … but what we propose – what we believe – is that true progress will only be made with YOUR opinions – the opinions of each and every single one of us.

Through education and information we can see and learn from the mistakes and the advances of the past … we can see and measure both the inadequacies and successes of the present … and we can see and imagine the limitless future that this great land and its people can create, and moreover – deserve.

We as Australians can only do what we see as needed for our country to step forward boldly into the future, and perhaps light the way to the next significant progression in Australia’s, and perhaps even mankind’s development.

None of these tasks are easy … and none of these changes are simple … but absolutely none of these opportunities to advance our land and our people should be missed.

Now is the time to give Australia this opportunity to grow … Now is the time to move forward and meet the future head-on – with optimism, intent, and determination.

Now is the time to vote EAP and set our collective feet upon the path to a brighter future for us

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