long and short

What we’re about – the LONG and the SHORT of it!

The following pages contain an outline of what we stand for as a party.

If you have a minute to spare then read our Summary page to get a quick outline of who we are and what we represent.

If you can spare 5 minutes – or if you like what you see in the summary – then please read our Detailed page to get a broader, more complete understanding of our hopes and our goals for us as a party, for you as a citizen, and for our country as a Nation..

We aim to bring common sense and logic to all aspects of our everyday lives,  and to re-introduce honesty, reliability,  and transparency into the process of governing this great country.

We believe that providing the ability for all Australians to be heard and to make an informed decision is the true way for Australia to move forward with confidence into this greatest of nations ever-expanding future.



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