Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

As a country with the virtually unparalleled access to utilise solar power, we propose deciding upon the establishment of funding to develop fully operational solar supply grids.

Combining this with our vast coastline and the ocean currents that pass our shores, oceanic turbine generators would easily provide us with endless non polluting, non-depletable, and non-invasive supplies of power.

Our aim is to work towards the elimination of reliance upon both fossil fuel and nuclear technology and their associated environmental risks entirely through the development both of these, and various other viable renewable energy generation systems.

Current ‘high risk’ exploration and processing methods including fracking will be immediately stopped nationwide to more fully investigate and evaluate the environmental implications of using this type of technology.

In line with the EAP’s policy to end our countries dependence upon fossil fuels for power generation, subsidies to the coal industry will be phased out over a progressive schedule as the generation capacity of the replacement technologies is phased in. This is to ensure no loss of functionality or reduction of supply quantity or quality is experienced throughout the network.

Ongoing investment into solar farms and oceanic current generation technology will be initiated, with development funding to be allotted to designs deemed to be commercially viable for large-scale production. Development of commercial high-speed recharge stations, or changeover points for battery / storage / booster units will likewise be fast-tracked.

The above items demonstrate the massive opportunity for Australian scientists, engineers, and manufacturers to become world leaders in the further development of these new industries – industries that we have already begun developing and in some cases lead the world, giving us the opportunity to become the world standard in green technology and clean energy utilisation.

This is also true of the transportation industry. The reliance on fossil fuel dependent transportation will likewise be phased out on a progressive schedule as electric transportation steadily replaces the existing redundant technology.

The loss of the existing local motor vehicle production industry throughout Australia leaves production facilities significantly unused. The EAP support the retooling of these facilities to enable a large-scale electric vehicle industry to be developed, and for the development of export markets.

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