Any Australian citizen may at some time find themselves unable to work or earn a wage due to age, medical issues, lack of suitable employment, or other unforeseen circumstances.

The EAP seeks to ensure that anyone finding themselves in genuine need is eligible to apply for and receive a realistic ongoing financial benefit that will allow them to be able to live with dignity and independence until this need is resolved.

The main forms of support we propose are based on Age, Medical, Unemployment, Family, or Emergency criteria. Below are the criteria that their eligibility and availability will be dependent upon.

Age Pension
All Australian citizens upon reaching 65 years will be eligible for this pension upon retirement from full-time work. It will be allocated per person, and regardless of their marital or relationship status. Simply put … one person – one pension.

Medical Pension
Any person unable to work due to Permanent, Partial, or Temporary medical incapacity will be eligible to receive a medical pension. In all cases, any ongoing incapacity will be subject to medical substantiation and regular review as required.

Unemployment Pension
Any person unable to find suitable employment within their abilities will be eligible to receive an unemployment pension. Ongoing access to this benefit is dependant upon meeting criteria demonstrating an ongoing commitment to seeking work, undertaking training, undertaking voluntary work experience, or performing social service activities as may come available during this period. This is intended to be a temporary pension available only until suitable ongoing employment becomes available.

Family Pension
Any Family can at times find themselves in need and requiring of financial support. This benefit will be available to families faced with circumstances beyond their control that require some level of ongoing financial support to maintain the basic needs that a family faces on a day to day basis. The level of support required will be evaluated, and is subject to review as required.

Emergency Pension
This benefit is available to people in emergency situations only. This may apply in situations such as natural disasters, domestic violence, or sudden bereavement. It is intended to ensure a safety net for any citizen faced with a sudden and/or catastrophic loss of support. It is intended for short term use only, and is subject to review as required.

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