Population Growth

Population Growth

EAP is dedicated to ensuring Australia has a steady, manageable, and forward-thinking approach to population growth in Australia. 

With our existing infrastructure it is clear that an exponential increase in our population of 40% to 50% over the next few decades would undoubtedly place significant additional and unsustainable loads upon our existing roads, public transport, health, and education systems.

We envisage a more sustainable initial goal of 2% to 5% over the immediate future as the rollout of our existing and future infrastructure development progresses enabling our effective population growth.

As our existing population ages we need to ensure the steady maintenance and growth of our services, and to ensure the ongoing numbers of skilled tradespeople and service providers throughout the community.

To this end, the EAP propose the development of skill centres aimed at utilising the knowledge and abilities of our older generations to pass on to new learners, who will then take on their roles in society to meet these needs.

This will ensure the passing on of the skills and knowledge necessary to the long-term maintenance and growth of our skilled workforce nationwide.

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