The Equal Australia Party is firmly against any large scale increase of mining in Australia, or the large scale exporting of raw materials.

We will also institute a nationwide ban on fracking to ensure the integrity of our freshwater aquifers in all regions of Australia are not only maintained, but protected for the benefit of us all, and the long term future of our Nation.

The EAP believes that the long term prosperity of our Nation lies in the use of our natural resources to our own best benefit, rather than from the bulk selling off of our nation cubic metre by cubic metre.

Foreign manufacturers currently bulk buy and process our raw materials, and then return them here at premium prices for finished products of unknown quality.

The EAP believes that major heavy industries largely lost to Australia over the past few decades need to be encouraged and reinstated to allow us to become a truly independent and self-reliant country.

Australia currently relies heavily upon taxes earned from this bulk sell-off of raw materials, however, changes to our taxation methods (as outlined in our Tax Reform policy) could render our reliance upon this method of income obsolete, and allow Australia to conserve our precious natural resources for our own use and benefit.

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