Law Reform

Law Reform

EAP support the application of mandatory sentencing laws for selected offences, in conjunction with the development of an effective structure that more accurately considers the severity of the offences and can be relied upon to more accurately and consistently apply the appropriate penalties. Factors influencing the degree of consideration received will include significantly increased penalties for offences against children, the elderly, or the disabled.

Offences committed by non-native citizens may also be subject to the revocation of visas, citizenship, and possible deportation.

We support debate on the raising of the legal age for the consumption of alcohol and tobacco from 18 years and 16 years respectively to 21 years. This takes into consideration the significant medical evidence that supports the negative social, health, and overall effects on the still-developing bodies and minds of our youth in general, and therefore our future generations.

We also support discussion through the National Register of Issues, and an eventual consensus via an ‘e-Referendum’ on the decriminalisation of marijuana through a controlled programme of registration and regulation.

The EAP look towards the findings from the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) 2016 as a blueprint of worlds best practices for conducting the fight against the worldwide drug problem, and based upon our own specific circumstances will look to implement those findings best suited to our specific needs.

As stated in the Health policy, the EAP is also committed to achieving a national consensus on the subject of euthanasia, and this would also be listed onto the National Register of Issues for inclusion as an e-Referendum. Should the result be positive, EAP would support the required variations to existing laws to accommodate this decision.

Legislation will be initiated by the EAP to make ‘coward punch’ attackers and group bashing participants subject to increased penalties, with extensive media promotion of the expanded liabilities and penalties. Enhanced liquor service and lock-out laws will be evaluated and if deemed effective will be implemented nationwide as part of this action.

Individuals or groups inciting or promoting violence, civil disobedience, or terrorist activities will be subject to legal action which will carry penalties that range from incarceration to deportation.

Non-native citizens of Australia who leave our shores to support or participate in armed conflicts overseas without the authorisation of the Australian Government will be subject to immediate cancellation of their Australian passports, and face permanent bans from re-entering Australia. Individuals or groups found to be supporting these activities financially or otherwise will be subject to the same penalties.

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