Land Ownership

Australia’s natural resources and sovereign soils deserve the same level of protection that is offered to all  individual citizens, and likewise, they are an invaluable yet finite resource that contributes to the overall prosperity of this Nation.

The EAP proposes that all sovereign lands within Australias borders be protected and subject to a strict policy of ‘Australian Owned – Australian Lands in Australian Hands – whereby no property may be owned by a non-Australian citizen, or a non-Australian owned company – and any proposed exports of materials from the use of these lands and their contents are subject to governmental authorisation.

Many countries worldwide have this policy in place and strictly enforced – Australia should be no different to these – ensuring the ownership of our country remains in the hands of those born in Australia, or who become permanent citizens of Australia.

Lands that are currently under foreign ownership will be compulsorily re-acquired by the Australian Government from the current owners.

We will ensure that the current land owners will not be adversely penalised in the re-acquisition process by applying a reimbursement schedule whereby the purchase price plus a scale of interest based upon years of ownership will be calculated. This process will allow the Government to avoid any legal claims instituted under International Law.

All lands re-acquired by the Government in this process will be returned into the domestic property market thereby greatly increasing the availability of residential housing, and offering additional agricultural business opportunities.  Any funds raised from the sale of the reclaimed properties will be returned to the National coffers.

Foreign-owned companies will be eligible to lease land within our borders as wholly international entities, with the usage of, and the activities undertaken on the land being fully subject to Australian law and taxation.

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