The EAP understands that Australia is seen Internationally as an attractive destination for prospective immigrants for a myriad of reasons, not the least being our political stability, our respect for human life and dignity, and our scope for opportunity.

This is clearly evidenced by the steady stream of legal immigrants and genuine asylum seekers applying for entry to Australia, but even more clearly demonstrated by the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants. These people are willing to spend their life savings just to be able to risk their lives and the lives of their families for a chance to reach our shores and their perceived way of life in our lands.

The EAP is proposing that after completing the correct formal application process to immigrate to Australia, then under strict control we could open our borders to these immigrants providing that mandatory requirements regarding location of residence, application of efforts, and a demonstrable commitment to integrating into the Australian way of life are willingly agreed to by the prospective immigrants.

This could include visas issued with behavioural conditions relating to the meeting of legal, social, and community-based standards, with breaches of the requirements incurring cancellation of visas and possible deportation.

The legal, peaceful worship of any religion that offers each and every individual the choice of worship and the full range of human rights is fully supported, however ANY religion, or specific religious practices which breach any individuals freedom of personal or religious choice, or the unquestionable rights of personal health or safety, subjects itself to the full weight of the laws of Australia, and as such any of these acts – even when made in the name of a religion – become illegal.

Immigrants to Australia that participate in such illegal acts bring themselves into a breach of their voluntarily agreed behavioural conditions, and are therefore liable to being deported to their country of origin, with NO opportunity to re-apply or to return to Australia. Any family or associates proven to be involved in, or actively supportive of these illegal acts are likewise subject to deportation.

The stated intentions of the EAP towards developing North West and North Central Australia for large-scale farming and agricultural development, along with the strengthening and growing of regional and remote centres throughout the rest of Australia, present a clear opportunity for us to offer immediate employment and development programmes for immigrants, and thereby better meet the high standards expected of Australia in its capacity as an active and responsible World citizen.

Improved evaluation and utilisation of recognised prior learning and the individual skills held within the pool of immigrants that are accepted into our country would provide us as a nation with improved development standards within these regional and remote areas regardless of specific location.

EAP supports the closure of all offshore processing centres as part of the above developmental structure.

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