Electoral Reform

EAP believe that through exposure to information, education, and opportunity, our society has advanced and grown in many ways, to the point where virtually every person in Australia has the ability to develop and refine opinions on virtually any subject … and it is this exposure that leads us to the next great logical progression in Politics … Electronic voting with real-time response.

Any question, any debate, any important decision that faces this country as a whole can be discussed with a truly National input … and decided upon with an equally National consensus.

Our first actions will be to initiate and roll out access to a secure electronic method of registration, and therefore a secure anonymous pathway for each and every individual adult to contribute and participate in the decision making processes that will shape our great country, and guide it’s progress into and beyond the 21st century.

Besides using this method at General Elections we propose the institution of regular online referendums or ‘e-Referendums’ at regular intervals throughout the year.

The format we intend to adopt would be to have a ‘National Register of Issues’ … a forum that people anywhere can raise, record, and air subjects they feel need addressing at a national level – be it road maintenance, court sentencing, discrimination – whatever issue they wish to raise. This method of subject selection encourages people to contribute to ensure their voice is heard on the issues that they feel most strongly about.

Each item can be opened to public scrutiny via this register, and at a preordained cut off point the 2 highest rated issues will become the subjects to be decided upon at the next online referendum or ‘e-Referendum’.

We support 2 items as the optimal number of subjects voted upon, in an attempt to ensure the opportunity for clarity to be achieved and publicity to be effected on each subject raised. We propose that there be 3 e-referenda per calendar year giving us a total of 6 issues to be decided upon by a national vote each year. This in itself would be subject to alteration via the same process.

Matters that are explicitly or implicitly prohibited by the Australian Constitution, by the Courts of Law, or matters of National Security are the only items that would not be considered for this process.

EAP believe this is the truest method of representing the collective will of all Australian citizens.

We also believe that to remove the influence of financial support being provided by entities with vested interests to select political parties, it is necessary to remove or significantly restrict all business sourced financial support for all political parties. No financial or material support can be accepted by parties from external sources that may individually benefit primarily or subsequently from the direct contributions made.

Breaches of these guidelines would fall into the category of illegal donations, and may result in the funds being forfeited, with both the donor and the party becoming subject to criminal proceedings.

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